Shoyeido Patchouli Incense Set
Shoyeido Patchouli Incense Set

Shoyeido Patchouli Incense Set

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35 incense sticks with a 8" glazed ceramic tray. 

NEW! The ambrosial scent of the patchouli leaf has long been cherished as incense, essential oil, in tea and medicine, and as a mainstay of perfumery.

Mysterious, sensuous, and deep, it must regarded be one of nature's most complex fragrances. We're thrilled to present this incredible new rendering of the Patchouli plant as incense!

This beautiful new gift set pairs 35 sticks of Patchouli incense with a sleek, glazed ceramic incense holder, in an elegant paper box with a window — it's the perfect, uplifting gift.

Shoyeido incense is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth. For twelve generations, the Hata family of Kyoto, Japan continue to create an amazing array of fragrances. 

Shoyeido's blending process is an art form. Highly trained "masters" draw upon centuries-old secrets to create masterworks of fragrance. These artisans carefully process the quality, balance, and ratio of every hand-selected natural ingredient. Only the finest raw materials are used. The results are remarkable, subtle scents that beckon us to use all of our senses — what the Japanese call mon-koh, or "listening to incense." 

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